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At the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory programs are developed for the simulation of electronic components. Large power transistors can be simulated as well as extremely small THz transistors. The focus lies on semi classical simulation based on the Boltzmann equation. This approach allows a description of the charge transport in the microscopic level of semiconductor physics, taking into account the individual scattering processes and the band structures, and the distribution function of particles in the phase spaceis calculated. With the deterministic solution procedure the behavior of components (such as MOSFETs or HBT) in the DC and AC range can be simulated accurately. Not only the currents at the clamps but also such as the distribution of high-energy electrons inside the device component can be calculated. To solve the Boltzmann equation new procedures in numerical analysis are used and developed.

The Institute is a world leader in the field of deterministic solution methods for the Boltzmann equation and as first could compute the deterministic solutions of the Langevin-Boltzmann-equation for device components.

For the solution of the complex systems of equations there is a cluster of high-performance computers available at the Institute.