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Electrodynamics - Electromagnetic Waves

EMFI equation Copyright: © ITHE

  • Maxwell's equations in differential and integral form
  • distinction between arbitrary and harmonic time dependence
  • description of waves in free space
  • application of consistency and boundary conditions
  • guided TEM, TE and TM waves
  • electrodynamic potentials
  • language: german, winter term (V2Ü1)


  • In the summer semester ONLY examinations for this course will be offered but no lectures or "normal" excercises !
  • Diese Veranstaltung wird auch in Deutsch angeboten - siehe hier !!!
  • The registration for this course can only be done in th German version of the RWTHmoodle web page for this course ! To get there please use the link "learning materials" below and then switch to "Deutsch (de)" using the button at the top right side of that web page.

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Grundgebiete der Elektrotechnik 4


Introduction into the electromagnetic fields

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  GET4 Coil Copyright: © ITHE

  • the electrostatic field
  • the stationary current
  • the magnetostatic field
  • induction
  • language: german, summer term (V4Ü2, Kleingruppenübungen)

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