Master's degree program


Numerical Device Simulation

NBS Copyright: © ITHE

Device Simulation (Numerische Bauelementsimulation)

  • Fundamentals of semiconductor physics for device simulation: Poisson equation
  • capacitance and conductance coeffcients, drift-diffusion model, mobility models for silicon
  • meshes and discretization methods
  • methods for solving equation systems
  • numerical stability criteria
  • transient simulation

  • small-signal simulation
  • exercise: implementation of a device simulation program in Matlab
  • language: depending on the participants German or English, winter term (V2Ü1)


  • The course will be held in German or in English dependding on the choice of the participants.
  • In the summer semester ONLY examinations for this course will be offered but no lectures or excercises !
  • In the winter semester lectures and exercises will be offered (V2Ü1).

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Electronic Noise in Devices and Circuits

ENDC Copyright: © ITHE
  • N-port theory
  • scattering parameters
  • fundamentals of noise (spectral power density; Wiener-Khintschin theorem; Wiener-Lee theorem; electronic noise; Johnson-Nyquist noise; noise measurement)
  • gain definitions and stability
  • noise in devices
  • language: english, summer term (V2Ü1)

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CAD Lab course: Simulation of semiconductor devices

Copyright: © ITHE
  • Fundamentals of semiconductor physics
  • usage of professional TCAD software
  • stationary, transient and small-signal simulation of transistors
  • electro-optical simulation
  • process simulation
  • language: german or english, winter and summer term (P4)

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